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Ming Zheng

Ph.D., Professor and Associate Dean of the School of Management of Fudan University. Dr. Zheng graduated from Fudan University and was a visiting scholar at Columbia University, MIT Sloan School of Management and the City University of Hong Kong.

Dr. Zheng is a member of the Statistics Educational Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Education of China, an executive member of the National Council for Graduate Education in Applied Statistics, an executive member of the National Editing and Reviewing Commission of Statistics Textbooks, the Executive Director of China Statistical Education Association, a committee member of Shanghai Association for Science and Technology (9th session), the Deputy Director of the Shanghai Institute of Applied Statistics of Quality and Technology, the Vice President of Shanghai Statistical Society and a member of the Expert Tank of the Approval Commission of Advanced Professional Occupations in Statistics of Shanghai.

Dr. Zheng’s research areas are survival analysis, semi-parametric models and application of statistics in business management.

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